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CCC Community Risk Ranking: Child Well-Being In New York City’s 59 Community Districts Dec 2016 Download
Testimony: Education Committee Resolutions Nov 2016 Download
Testimony: Disconnected Youth: Out of School and Out of Work Nov 2016 Download
Testimony: Oversight: Mental Health Services In DHS Shelters Nov 2016 Download
CCC Annual Report: 2015-2016 Nov 2016 Download
Testimony: Oversight: Child Abuse Cases and the Various City Touchpoints for Families Oct 2016 Download
Infographic: A Tale of Two Cities: Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey Oct 2016 Download
Testimony: Food Vendor Modernization Act Oct 2016 Download
Testimony: HUD’s Proposed Rule on Small Area Fair Market Rents for the Section 8 Program Oct 2016 Download
Testimony: Oversight: Foster Care in NYC Jun 2016 Download

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