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CCC Annual Report: 2010-2011

Published October, 2011


In CCC’s 67th year, we leveraged the expertise of staff and the enthusiasm of citizens to secure critical policy and budgetary victories on behalf of New York City’s children.

Key victories included $30 million for child abuse neglect prevention and $82 million for child care in New York City. We also worked strategically to ensure that the State’s budget would close underutilized juvenile justice beds, establish funding for alternatives to incarceration, and protect investments in primary prevention.

Our e-advocacy network secured over 31,000 constituent letters to state, local and federal policy makers. We reached 8,000 New Yorkers with bi-monthly e-newsletters, secured media coverage in 126 outlets with 45 direct quotes on a wide range of topics, and launched a robust social media effort.

Our 2010-2011 Celebration Breakfast and CCC Celebrates at MoMA events fueled our good work and the MoMA event was the most successful fundraising event in CCC’s history.

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