New Census Data Shows Increase in Child Poverty in NYC

New Census Data Shows Increase in Child Poverty in NYC

The U.S. Census Bureau released their updated data from the 2012 American Community Survey and it once again showed child poverty to be increasing in New York City. The new data provides sobering evidence that, even four years after the economic recovery began nationally, New York City’s children and families continue to be profoundly impacted. CCC’s Snapshot of NYC Children and Families in 2012 highlights some of the starkest statistics:

  • At 31.4%, New York City’s child poverty rate is at its highest in over a decade.
  • While median incomes for all households began to stabilize in 2012, median incomes for families with children continued to decline. In 2012, the average New York City family with children made $6,203 less than the average family in 2008 (in inflation-adjusted dollars) .
  • Citywide, one third of families with children relied on SNAP (food stamps) to feed their families. One half of Bronx families with children received SNAP in 2012.

CCC’s Snapshot also provides you with many other datapoints  – including health insurance coverage rates for children, teen unemployment rates, and rent burden – by borough and for the city as a whole. Download the PDF today, and stay tuned to CCC for further analysis of the latest U.S. Census data!  You can also find additional data related to children at CCC’s Keeping Track Online.


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